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Setting Neutral Spine
Hundreds Series
Shoulder Bridge Series
Cobra Stretch
Prone Planks

Download our Pilates PDF worksheets to create your very own Pilates book. Use the worksheets as a tool to improve your Pilates exercises, hand them out to family or friends or give them out to class participants, if you teach Pilates. Access to all of the Pilates PDFs is available on our paid plans. We have made a small selection available to anyone without an account. The Pilates PDFs available are those that Lyndsay teaches as part of her clinical Pilates workouts. You will find all the levels available with a picture and a description as to how to set your position and how to perform the exercise. Also included are instructions on how to set your spine into neutral in the various positions the Pilates exercises are performed in as well as how to activate the core muscle.

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