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Your Pilates Physio is the only place where you can access a huge library of expert-led physio online Pilates classes to do at home or anywhere. Our Clinical Pilates online workout videos are suitable for anyone, including any age and ability and can be accessed on any device.

Track your progress
Complete one of our structured workout programs and see your progress
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Over 30 downloadable PDF session sheets
Tailored Exercises
We will provide recomendations on what videos to try based on your medical history, experience level and what areas you wish to target
Individual Pilates Videos
100s of Pilates videos targeting different areas
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Who is it for?

Recovering from injury & surgery
If you have suffered pain, injury or surgery, our workouts will help you in your recovery
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Our site has everything you need whether you are new to Pilates or a complete pro
Pilates Teacher
Our site has everything a Pilates teacher needs to get some great ideas for your classes
General Pilates
As well as our pain and injury videos we have videos for toning, improve posture, post natal and much more!
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Clinical Pilates

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What our customers say

Lyndsay's videos have helped strengthen my weak back and my rotator cuff injury, excellent progression, taking part in professional, medically based workouts has given me confidence in the exercises and vital for my continued strength. In short, Lyndsay keeps me moving.
Avatar image Sara Green
Finding yourpilatesphysio has been a life changing experience for me. To have a strong, pain free back has truly been transformational. I am more confident and can do far more. Thank you.
Avatar image John Blenkinsopp
As a keen runner I have used the website many times to help with stretching and to improve flexibility. The search function is easy to use and I like I can clearly see the duration of each video. Videos are clear and easy to follow and provided I have wifi I have been able to access them even when I have been on holiday!
Avatar image Leyla Brooke
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The creator of Your Pilates Physio is physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor Lyndsay Hirst. Lyndsay has helped thousands of people recover from injury and pain over her 17 year career, which has allowed her to adapt and develop her own Pilates online teaching style and technique to suit lots of different conditions.

Lyndsay's vision for the website was to create a safe online environment for anyone looking for exercises or Pilates videos to help them recover from injury, reduce pain, prevent injury or those who wanted expert advice and tuition from an industry leading expert.

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Image of Lydnsay Hirst, creator of Your Pilates Physio
  • Tailored workouts based on your medical history
  • Individual videos or structured workout programs
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Why Pilates Online?

Research over recent years has allowed physiotherapists worldwide to discover online Pilates as a great addition to helping their patients. As many injuries seen in a physiotherapy clinic today are caused by issues with posture, balance, core strength, flexibility or movement control, online Pilates can be a fantastic addition to traditional physiotherapy treatment.

While working as a physiotherapist Lyndsay discovered the benefits that Pilates has for patients who are suffering. This discovery allowed Lyndsay to take the time to learn all about Pilates and tailor it specifically to different conditions that may be treated by physiotherapy, such as Pilates for neck pain and Pilates for disc problems. Your Pilates Physio gives everybody the opportunity to partake in Pilates online, allowing you to work alongside of any physiotherapy you are currently undertaking or completely by itself to improve your current condition. This is also a fantastic platform for anyone who is interested in improving their fitness through online Pilates and preventing injury, giving you the opportunity to do it in the comfort of your own home while still learning from a professional instructor.

Our online Pilates classes have been modified to be specific to help any musculoskeletal condition. Lyndsay uses her knowledge of 17 years in musculoskeletal medicine to create tailored Pilates video workouts to allow you to feel confident that the Pilates exercises you are doing are right for you. The email support she offers also helps guide you with the right online Pilates exercises. The beginner Pilates workout videos are very gentle and suitable for someone who has never done Pilates before. As your strength and confidence grows with Pilates so do the videos. We regularly add new Pilates videos to the site and to your tailored programme to help you progress at the right level for you. Each and every video provides you with a sense of care for your body that no other workout does. Our Pilates online classes are filmed using the highest quality cameras, with multiple camera angles to ensure you get the best experience watching the videos. This allows you to see exactly what position you should be in and what the Pilates exercise should look like. The excellent commentary used during the Pilates videos will also give you confidence that what you are feeling is correct.

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