Neck Pain

Workout Overview

Clinical Pilates for Neck Pain

These workouts are designed to help reduce neck pain. Your head, neck and shoulder alignment all play a crucial role in allowing the neck and shoulder stabilising muscles to do their job correctly. Very often the neck problems I see in my clinic are posture related. Poor neck and shoulder posture causes tightness in certain areas around the neck and shoulders along with stiffness in the joints and headaches.

The Clinical Pilates workouts in this section allow you to focus on your head, neck and shoulder alignment. We strengthen the stabilising muscles of the neck and shoulder/shoulder blades and help you to think about how you can apply this day to day to alleviate headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Workout Breakdown

Core Control - Beginner

  •  27.92Mins
  • Episode 1

Difficulty: Beginner

Engage The Core - Beginner

  •  27.93Mins
  • Episode 2

Difficulty: Beginner

Posture Improver - Beginner

  •  24.37Mins
  • Episode 3

Difficulty: Beginner

Pilates Flow - Beginner

  •  31.27Mins
  • Episode 4

Difficulty: Beginner

The Psoas Energiser - Beginner

  •  32.35Mins
  • Episode 5

Difficulty: Beginner

Hold Your Balance - Intermediate

  •  27.77Mins
  • Episode 6

Difficulty: Intermediate

Stretch And Strengthen - Intermediate

  •  29.45Mins
  • Episode 7

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shoulder And Neck Focus - Intermediate

  •  32.45Mins
  • Episode 8

Difficulty: Intermediate

Sculpt And Tone - Intermediate

  •  31.28Mins
  • Episode 9

Difficulty: Intermediate

Strong, Lean And Engaged - Intermediate

  •  31.23Mins
  • Episode 10

Difficulty: Intermediate

Total Body Pilates - Intermediate

  •  28.18Mins
  • Episode 11

Difficulty: Intermediate

Work The Waist - Intermediate

  •  31.55Mins
  • Episode 12

Difficulty: Intermediate

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