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Clinical Pilates sessions have been really beneficial for developing my pelvic stability and toning muscles, core and all over body benefit. These classes offer a good range of challenge whatever ability so you can tailor it to suit you. All over benefit for mind and body and well being!

- Lucy Hancock

I first started Pilates after having a hysterectomy with complications. The exercises have strengthened my core and helped me on my road to full recovery. The classes also give me a feeling of gratitude and well-being somehow. I am a calmer more confident person. I listen to my body and its needs and realise it isn’t a weakness to have problems. I now have arthritis in various joints. The stretches, movements and attention to all parts of the body make me able to continue working. I have been doing these clinical Pilates classes for 4 years now Lyndsay is so knowledgeable. I truly believe Pilates should be a way of life for strengthening our whole bodies for a better quality of life.

- Janet Schofield

I am in my early sixties, with long term back problems, and to my shame not keen on exercise. I have been doing Lyndsay’s Clinical Pilates sessions for a couple of years now I am more mobile and experience less back and joint pain. Lyndsays professional knowledge and experience has given me the confidence to push myself without the fear of injury. Without clinical Pilates I would definitely be in more pain and less active. Pilates will always be part of my life – I just wish I had found it sooner!

- Annonymous

I have had constant back pain for quite a few years now. Since I started doing Clinical Pilates I barely even notice it anymore, I can’t recommend yourpilatesphysio enough. I recommend it to anyone who has back troubles.

- Anonymous

Finding yourpilatesphysio has been a life changing experience for me. To have a strong, pain free back has truly been transformational. I am more confident and can do far more. Thank you.

- John Blenkinsopp

I would most definitely recommend yourpilatesphysio for a very professional website. I visited my GP to be given injections, painkillers and physio for my shoulder problem followed by a minor operation. I was recommended yourpilatesphysio by friends due to my lack of shoulder mobility and previous back troubles – crawling on all fours up the stairs at home as my back went into spasms frequently. Now 12 months after starting classes with yourpilatesphysio with NO painkillers at all. I can walk, run up stairs, play football, do gardening, swimming and dancing. I still regularly do the workouts to keep my joints moving. Thank you to Lyndsay for helping me to get my life back!

- Garry Biggins

First class website! I started using yourpilatesphysio in order to build up muscle strength ready for a hip replacement operation. It is now 18 months since that operation and it was extremely successful right from the start, with rapid progress and excellent recovery. I have continued with the classes both to work on general strength and mobility as I am over 70, and have arthritis, and because I enjoy it so much! The sessions are thoroughly professional. I cannot recommend this website enough. Thank you!

- Elizabeth W

I had severe back pain, reduced mobility, sciatic pain, pins and needles in my feet and lower legs and most concerning was the complete loss of sensation in my left foot. After being advised by my GP that a physio referral would take months I decided to seek some advice online and found this website. I started with the basic workouts and soon found myself improving in both pain and flexibility. The pins and needles disappeared and I found myself able to do more than I ever could. The improvement in my symptoms meant that I could be more active and enjoy life again! I have been doing the workouts for 6 months now and I never miss a session. I can't thank Lyndsay enough for helping get my life back on track!

- Rachel Ridding

I have been doing Clinical Pilates for 4 years now after my physio recommended it to treat my low back pain. The classes have become part of my routine. If I miss a session I notice a difference in the flexibility and mobility of my spine.

- Pat Webster

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