Pilates For Back Pain

Learn how to strengthen the core muscles and stretch the spine safely after suffering back pain. These Pilates for back pain workouts will strengthen the spine to prevent future episodes of pain.

  • 37 Episodes
  •  18h19m

Neck Pain

Alleviate and prevent neck pain by balancing the muscles around the neck and shoulders to achieve improved upper body posture.

  • 12 Episodes
  •  5h55m

Lower Back

Build strength within your core, increase flexibility and correct weaknesses and imbalances in muscles around your spine. Ideal exercises to reduce lower back pain

  • 27 Episodes
  •  13h18m

Stretch The Spine

These workouts are great if you want to give your spine a good stretch! Stretch the spine in various positions to relieve tension.

  • 15 Episodes
  •  7h21m

Upper Back

Target and strengthen the muscles of the upper back to alleviate upper back pain and make a noticeable improvement to your posture with Clinical Pilates.

  • 21 Episodes
  •  10h23m

Pilates For Hypermobility

These workouts will build strength in all of your joints to support them if you are hypermobile.

  • 36 Episodes
  •  17h45m

Pilates For Disc Problems

If you have a disc prolapse/herniation or suffer with degenerative disc disease then these workouts are for you!

  • 13 Episodes
  •  6h31m

Pilates for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Strengthen the muscles that support the spine in a way that won't irritate your pain.

  • 16 Episodes
  •  8h2m


Tone your thighs, strengthen your hip joints and get leaner hips and tighter buttocks for greater flexibility with online Pilates exercises for the hips and groin.

  • 34 Episodes
  •  17h0m


Low impact exercises to help develop the muscle groups that support joints and bone structures, to strengthen weakened or injured muscles and joints.

  • 23 Episodes
  •  11h30m


Pilates for shoulder pain, designed to loosen your shoulders and stabilise your shoulder blade muscles to relieve stress and tension in your upper body.

  • 22 Episodes
  •  10h42m


Use our Pilates pelvic floor exercises to learn how to place your pelvis in a neutral alignment to help balance your spine and alleviate lower back and pelvic pain.

  • 27 Episodes
  •  13h20m

Injury Prevention

Target deep abdominal and spinal muscles to improve central core stability and posture and prevent injury with this online Pilates course.

  • 31 Episodes
  •  15h26m

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Reduce pain, restore movement, rehabilitate your muscles to full function and prevent repeat sporting injuries with Pilates.

  • 18 Episodes
  •  9h2m

General Pilates

Exercises focusing on balance, posture, strength and flexibility, suitable for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

  • 38 Episodes
  •  18h51m

Sculpt and Tone

Tone your limbs, sculpt your muscles, strengthen your joints and fortify your core with this full-body workout.

  • 19 Episodes
  •  9h35m

Stability and Control

Learn to stabilise the spinal segments and improve your posture with exercises which target the abdomen, lower back, and pelvis to enhance movement and stability.

  • 16 Episodes
  •  7h53m

Strength and Control

Improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility and strengthen your entire body with this full-body workout.

  • 23 Episodes
  •  11h29m

Abs Focus

Achieve flat, toned abs with this workout designed specifically to target the core abdominal muscles, improve abdominal strength and tone with these amazing workouts.

  • 15 Episodes
  •  7h25m

Glute Focus

Pilates glute exercises to target your upper thighs, firm, lift and tighten your buttocks and boost strength and flexibility in your abs and back.

  • 18 Episodes
  •  9h2m

Improve Posture

Improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieving stress and tension with this full-body workout. Pilates for posture improvement!

  • 29 Episodes
  •  14h41m

Pilates for Golf

Simple golf Pilates exercises to help you hit the ball harder, further, straighter, and with more accuracy and less chance of injury.

  • 20 Episodes
  •  9h51m

Pilates for Runners

Whether you’re a distance runner or a sprinter, this full body-conditioning routine will help you increase physical endurance, flexibility and posture and reduce the risk of injury.

  • 32 Episodes
  •  15h51m

Pilates for swimmers

Strengthen, lengthen and tone key muscles used when swimming, to improve your performance and reduce the chance of injury.

  • 23 Episodes
  •  11h41m

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